Roy vs Roo – What’s the difference?

Roy vs Roo - What's the difference?
As nouns the difference between roy and roo is that roy is (obsolete) a king while roo is peace; quietness or roo can be short form of kangaroo .

As an adjective roy is (obsolete) royal.



Proper noun

(en proper noun )

  • .
  • * 2003 Minette Walters: Disordered Minds . Macmillan. ISBN 1741142121 page 173:
  • – – – The real pity is that the only name William Burton remembers is Roy …it was a popular name in the fifties and sixties so there were probably quite a few of them.”
    “Not that popular,” said George. “Surely it’s Roy Trent?”
    Roy‘ Rogers…”’Roy”’ Orbison… ”’Roy”’ of the Rovers…’ Roy Castle…”
    “At least one of those was a comic-book character,” said Andrew.
    “So? Bill Clinton and David Beckham named their children after places. All I’m saying is we can’t assume Roy‘ Trent from ‘ Roy .”
  • A city in Utah.
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    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) roo, ro, from (etyl) .



  • Peace; quietness.
  • Rest; stillness.
  • Derived terms

    * (l)
    * (l)

    Etymology 2

    From (kangaroo).


    (en noun )

  • Short form of kangaroo .
  • Derived terms

    * roo bar