Roulette vs Roulettelike – What’s the difference?

Roulette vs Roulettelike - What's the difference?
As a noun roulette is roulette.

As an adjective roulettelike is resembling or characteristic of the gambling game of roulette.



(Webster 1913 )


(wikipedia roulette )

  • (uncountable) A game of chance, in which a small ball is made to move round rapidly on a circle divided off into numbered red and black spaces, the one on which it stops indicating the result of a variety of wagers permitted by the game.
  • (countable) A small toothed wheel used by engravers to roll over a plate in order to produce rows of dots.
  • (countable) A similar wheel used to roughen the surface of a plate, as in making alterations in a mezzotint.
  • (countable, geometry) The locus of a point on a plane curve that rolls without slipping along another fixed plane curve.
  • (stamp-collecting) any of the small incisions on a sheet of stamps, used as an alternative to perforations.
  • Derived terms

    * Delaunay roulette
    * roulette table
    * roulette wheel
    * Russian roulette
    * Sturm roulette
    * Vatican roulette

    See also

    * cycloid
    * epicycloid
    * hypocycloid




    (en adjective )

  • Resembling or characteristic of the gambling game of roulette.
  • * 1992 , Thomas Cleveland Holt, The problem of freedom
  • Indeed, there had always been a roulettelike aspect to the island’s sugar business; decline and distress were evident even in the earliest records…
  • * 2001 , Ted Koppel, Off Camera: Private Thoughts Made Public?
  • Contestants spin a roulettelike wheel that determines how much money they can win (or, sometimes, lose) on a particular turn.