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Rib vs Twit – What’s the difference?

Rib vs Twit - What's the difference?
Rib is a related term of twit. As nouns the difference between rib and twit is that rib is (acronym) rigid inflatable boat — a lightweight inflatable boat with a rigid hull while twit is a reproach, gibe or taunt. As a verb twit is to reproach, blame; to ridicule or tease.




(en noun )

  • Any of a series of long curved bones occurring in 12 pairs in humans and other animals and extending from the spine to or toward the sternum
  • A part or piece, similar to a rib, and serving to shape or support something
  • A cut of meat enclosing one or more rib bones
  • (label) Any of several curved members attached to a ship’s keel and extending upward and outward to form the framework of the hull
  • Any of several transverse pieces that provide an aircraft wing with shape and strength
  • (label) A long, narrow, usually arched member projecting from the surface of a structure, especially such a member separating the webs of a vault
  • (label) A raised ridge in knitted material or in cloth
  • (label) The main, or any of the prominent veins of a leaf
  • A teasing joke
  • A single strand of hair.
  • A stalk of celery.
  • Verb

  • To shape, support, or provide something with a rib or ribs
  • To tease or make fun of someone
  • To enclose, as if with ribs, and protect; to shut in.
  • * Shakespeare
  • (label) To leave strips of undisturbed ground between the furrows in ploughing (land).
  • Derived terms

    {{der3, chuck rib
    , middle rib
    , ribcage
    , rib eye
    , ribgrass
    , rib-tickler
    , ribwort
    , spare rib
    , ribbed vault
    , grey rib}}







  • To reproach, blame; to ridicule or tease.
  • * 1590 , Shakespeare. History of Henry VI , Part II, Act III, Scene I
  • “Hath he not twit our sovereign lady here
    With ignominious words, though clerkly couch’d,
    As if she had suborned some to swear
    False allegations to o’erthrow his state? ” –
  • * 1955 , edition, ISBN 0553249592, page 106:
  • Mr. Cramer, a policeman, came this morning and twitted me for having let a murderer hoodwink me.
  • * 2007 , Bernard Porter, “Did He Puff his Crimes to Please a Bloodthirsty Readership?”, review of Stanley: The Impossible Life of Africa’s Greatest Explorer” by Tim Jeal, ”London Review of Books , 5 April, 29:7, p. 10
  • H. R. Fox Bourne, secretary of the Aborigines’ Protection Society – often twitted for being an ‘armchair critic’ – wrote in a review of one of Stanley’s books
  • * Tillotson
  • This these scoffers twitted the Christian with.
  • * L’Estrange
  • Aesop minds men of their errors, without twitting them for what is amiss.
  • (computing) To ignore or killfile (a user on a bulletin board system).
  • * 1995 , “Michelle Jackson”, Debutante/Question about Tori Shirts” (on newsgroup ”rec.music.tori-amos )
  • However, on the Internet BBS’s such as Quartz (now dead), Prism, Monsoon, Sunset, ect(<a href="https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Glossary
  • SIC”>SIC), someone pulling that kind of crap is likely to get flamed quite fast and twitted before he/she can breathe.
  • * 2002 , “Chris Hoppman”, FidoNet Feed Needed” (on newsgroup ”alt.bbs )
  • And no, there is no “thought purification program” that can filter out some folks(<a href="https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Glossary
  • SIC”>SIC) obscene ideas that can be expressed w/o written vulgarities. That has to be simply “dealt” with, either by ignoring or twitting the individual that offends habitually.
  • Noun

    (en noun )

  • A reproach, gibe or taunt.
  • A foolish or annoying person.
  • * (rfdate ) (Larry Kramer), Just Say No
  • What do you mean, since when did I become such a radical fairy? Since I started knowing twits‘ like you, you ‘ twit !

    Usage notes

    In the UK and UK English-speaking areas, usually used in a humorous or affectionate manner.

    Derived terms

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