Regimen vs Treatment – What’s the difference?

Regimen vs Treatment - What's the difference?
As nouns the difference between regimen and treatment is that regimen is while treatment is the process or manner of treating someone or something.





  • Orderly government; system of order; administration.
  • Any regulation or remedy which is intended to produce beneficial effects by gradual operation.
  • * 1832 , The Edinburgh Review (page 470)
  • Seven or eight annual bloodings, and as many purgations — such was the common regimen the theory prescribed to ensure continuance of health
  • (grammar) A syntactical relation between words, as when one depends on another and is regulated by it in respect to case or mood; government.
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  • The process or manner of treating someone or something.
  • He still has nightmares resulting from the treatment he received from his captors.
  • (senseid)Medical care for an illness or injury.
  • A treatment or cure is applied after a medical problem has already started.
    Cancer survivors who got radiation treatments as children have nearly twice the risk of developing diabetes as adults.
    The change is due largely to the increased availability of antiretroviral treatment .
  • The use of a substance or process to preserve or give particular properties to something.
  • (countable) A treatise; a formal written description or characterization of a subject.
  • *
  • Firstly, I continue to base most species treatments on personally collected material, rather than on herbarium plants.
  • (countable, film) A brief, third-person, present-tense summary of a proposed film.
  • (obsolete) entertainment; treat
  • * (rfdate ) Alexander Pope
  • Accept such treatment as a swain affords.

    Derived terms

    * silent treatment