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Ree vs Rere – What’s the difference?

Ree vs Rere - What's the difference?
As a noun rere is (all meanings).



Etymology 1


(en noun )

  • Etymology 2

    From (etyl) rei, reh, reoh, from (etyl) . More at (l).

    Alternative forms

    * (l) (Scotland)



  • Wild; fierce; outrageous; overexcited; frenzied; delirious; crazy.
  • Befuddled with liquor; half-drunk; tipsy.
  • Noun

    (en noun )

  • A state of befuddlement; intoxication.
  • A state of great excitement or frenzy.
  • Verb

  • To become extremely excited; fly into a rage.
  • To drive into a state of excitement; fire with enthusiasm.
  • Etymology 3

    Compare (riddle) a sieve.


  • (obsolete, UK, dialect) To riddle; to sift; to separate or throw off.
  • (Mortimer)





    (en noun )

  • (all meanings).
  • (Irish, legal, specifically) back portion or area behind (a building, etc.)
  • Quotations

    * 1678 “In the rere‘ of them fall others of the city trumpets; after them two gentlemen bearing the banners of the city and the Lord Mayor; twelve gentlemen ushers appointed as aforesaid follow them, and after them the court of assistants put a period to that division. In the ”’rere of them falls the serjeant trumpet, after him sixteen other of the king’s trumpets and kettle-drums; …” ”The Triumphs of London” (Reprinted 1869 in <q cite="http://books.google.com/books?pg=PA521&dq=%22the+rere+of%22&ei=Cr-aS87YCqD8ygSI5uShCg&cd=2&id=wClLAAAAYAAJ&num=100

  • v=onepage&q=%22the%20rere%20of%22&f=false”>”Some account of the Worshipful company of grocers of the city of London , by John Benjamin Heath)
    * 1784 “So out we sallied, the corporal lending his master his arm, and bringing up the rere , to the abby of Saint Grmain [sic]” <q cite="http://books.google.com/books?id=NfQpAAAAYAAJ&lpg=PA44&ots=VcQ0iqwFM7&dq=%22bringing%20up%20the%20rere%22&pg=PA44
  • v=onepage&q=%22bringing%20up%20the%20rere%22&f=false”>Tristram Shandy Vol.3, p.44, Lawrence Sterne
    * 1855 “It begins by setting out all the tenants’ names; the frontage, the depth, and the reres of the several plots.” Archdeacon Hewitson’s Endowment For A Protestant School At Swords, Endowed Schools, Ireland, Commission, minutes of evidence, Vol. II in <q cite="http://books.google.com/books?id=I7QSAAAAYAAJ&dq=%22the%20reres%20of%22&num=100&pg=PA32
  • v=onepage&q=%22the%20reres%20of%22&f=false”>Parliamentary papers, Volume 22, Part 3, p.33
    * 1922 “He trod the worn steps, pushed the swingdoor and entered softly by the rere .” Ulysses , Chapter V James Joyce
    * 1986 “the arcade at the rere of the General Post Office” Dublin Metropolitan Streets Commission Act, 1986: First Schedule
    * 1995 “the unnamed laneway to the rere of Nos. 1-8 Merview” S.I. No. 248/1995 — Urban Renewal Act, 1986 (Designated Areas) (Cobh) Order, 1995; Schedule, Part II, Harbour Row Area
    * 1996 “First Floor/Rere Room: Doors, door cases, chimney piece, decorative plaster ceiling.” Written Answers. – Departmental Buildings Dáil Éireann – Volume 463 – 26 March, 1996
    * 2009 “permission sought for proposed (1) garage conversion and first floor extension to side, (2) single storey extension to rere , and (3) alterations to front single-storey element and wider vehicular entrance at [address]” Malahide planning notices Fingal Independent , 18 November 2009
  • Derived terms

    * (l)

    See also

    * reredorter


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