Quacky vs Quasky – What’s the difference?

Quacky vs Quasky - What's the difference?
As an adjective quacky is (of a voice or sound) that resembles the quack of a duck.





  • (of a voice or sound) That resembles the quack of a duck.
  • * 1907 , Le Grand Kerr, Diagnostics of the Diseases of Children , page 177,
  • With progressive prostration (which is more marked in young infants) and with a tone to the cry which is a sort of a thin, crowing, quacky sound, points to the existence of retropharyngeal lymphadenitis.
  • * 2011 , Minrose Gwin, Wishing for Snow , unnumbered page,
  • Suddenly I hear a roar like a lion then a gagging sound like someone is getting choked to death then high-pitched voices little quacky voices like the Chipmunks on the radio calling back and forth to one another Christmas Christmas time is here time for joy and time for cheer.
  • Fraudulent; characterised by or using the methods of quackery.
  • * 1919 , Oral Hygeine , Volume 9, page 921,
  • The Doctor says that some of the quackiest of the quacks are in the army.
  • * 1998‘ September 9, , interview quoted in ”’2003 , Alan Hecht, ”Polio , page 72,
  • I know this sounds real quacky but they did some mysterious good to the problem and I feel fine.
  • * 2003 , Wayne Besen, Anything but Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth , unnumbered page,
  • Although some of the moments surrounding my coming out may seem humorous in retrospect, the underlying harsh fact is that thousands of desperate people are willing to embrace the quackiest of measures to cure homosexuality in themselves or in loved ones, and this is anything but funny.
  • * 2008 , John Hayes, Primate Wars , page 115,
  • David’s expression changes. A quack? All this act is about some quacky , pseudo science, right on, I know something you don’t cult thing.
  • * 2010 , Herb Schultz, Double Blind Test , page 37,
  • Dr. Torrent described the signs and symptoms of RP,[retinitis pigmentosa] surveyed the established research into causes of the disease, and summarized the failed attempts to develop a cure, including a barbaric method pioneered in the USSR involving the injection of quacky medicine directly into the patient’s eyeball.
  • * 2010 , Margie Hinkle, Sherry Hatchett, Bonnie Holmes (editors), I Walk with God: The Autobiography of Marjorie Clevenger Hinkle , page 21,
  • The housemother was a relief housemother, and she was quacky , and we didn’t think she knew anything.
  • (US, of land or a crop) Infested with quackgrass.
  • * 1859 , The Cultivator , Volume 7, 3rd Series, page 54,
  • After the first hoeing of a quacky crop, it is often well to go over it lightly in the middle of a hot day, just skimming the surface of the soil, and cutting off the young grass.
  • * 1890 , Ontario Legislative Assembly, Sessional Papers – Legislature of the Province of Ontario , Volume 1, page 14,
  • Always work quacky land when it is driest.
  • * 1914 , New York (State) Department of Agriculture, Annual Report , Volume 1, Part 2, page 544,
  • When would you advise plowing sandy soil that is quacky for beans?