Payroll vs Salaryroll – What’s the difference?

Payroll vs Salaryroll - What's the difference?




(en noun)

  • A list of employees who receive salary or wages, together with the amounts due to each.
  • The total sum of money paid to employees.
  • (computing) The series of accounting transactions that ensure that employees are paid correctly, and that all taxes etc are properly deducted; the department in a company responsible for it.
  • (euphemistic) Bribes paid to people
  • 1957‘: ”I know that the deal started with the boys in Santiago, because they’ve been on the d’Anconia ”’pay roll for centuries — well, no, ‘pay roll’ is an honorable word, it would be more exact to say that d’Anconia Copper has been paying them protection money for centuries — isn’t that what your gangsters call it?” – Francisco dAnconia, ”.

    1972‘: ”We can spread a rumor this cop was dirty. Look, Tom, we have newspaper people on the ”’payroll , don’t we? – Michael Corleone, .


    (en verb)

  • To place on a payroll.
  • * 1985 , The Code of Federal regulations of the United States of America (page 37)
  • Grantees may elect to payroll the enrollees through their own payroll system if the payroll system is consistent with regulations contained herein.




    Not English

    Salaryroll has no English definition. It may be misspelled.