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Outlaw vs Loafer – What’s the difference?

Outlaw vs Loafer - What's the difference?
Outlaw is a related term of loafer. As nouns the difference between outlaw and loafer is that outlaw is a fugitive from the law while loafer is an idle person. As a verb outlaw is to declare illegal.




(en noun )

  • A fugitive from the law.
  • A person who is excluded from normal legal rights.
  • A person who operates outside established norms.
  • The main character of the play was a bit of an outlaw who refused to shake hands or say thank you.
  • A wild horse.
  • (humorous) An in-law: a relative by marriage.
  • Synonyms

    * (person that operates outside established norms) anti-hero



  • To declare illegal
  • To place a ban upon
  • To remove from legal jurisdiction or enforcement.
  • to outlaw a debt or claim
  • To deprive of legal force.
  • Laws outlawed by necessity. — Fuller.




    (en noun )

  • An idle person.
  • A shoe with no laces, resembling a moccasin.
  • Synonyms

    * (idle person ): bum, bumpkin, footler, idler, lout, yob, yobbo
    * (footwear ): penny loafer
    * See also