Oneirism vs Onanism – What’s the difference?

Oneirism vs Onanism - What's the difference?
Oneirism is a see also of onanism. As nouns the difference between oneirism and onanism is that oneirism is (rare) dream-like experiences or qualities; dreaminess while onanism is ejaculating outside the vagina during intercourse; (the performing of) coitus interruptus.




(en noun )

  • (rare) Dream-like experiences or qualities; dreaminess.
  • *1990 , Paul Ricoeur, Time and Narrative , vol. 2, p. 138:
  • *:With an almost imperceptible touch, the narrator connects up this oneirism of names with the premonitory signs of the vocation that Remebrance is said to recount.
  • (psychiatry) A state of abnormal consciousness in which dream-like experiences and hallucinations happen while awake.
  • *1976 , Neuropsychiatry and the War , p. 108:
  • *:Following great explosions two forms of mental trouble have been found so frequently that other manifestations have become almost exceptional. These are mental confusion and delirious oneirism .
  • onanism





  • ejaculating outside the vagina during intercourse; (the performing of) coitus interruptus
  • masturbation
  • Quotations

    * 1839‘, Hypochondriasis, hysteria, chorea, epilepsy, apoplexy, and palsy, constitute part of the list of dire maladies induced or immediately excited, by ”’onanism and immoderate or ill-timed coition. The memory and intellectual faculties, in general, are enfeebled, and there are instances of complete idiocy, brought on by early and continued onanism, and of insanity from similar excesses later in life. — ”The Eclectic Journal of Medicine . Vol 3, No 4. Nov 1894. Haswell, Barrington, and Haswell: Philadelphia. p145


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