Oily vs Nonoily – What’s the difference?

Oily vs Nonoily - What's the difference?
As adjectives the difference between oily and nonoily is that oily is relating to oil while nonoily is not oily.

As a noun oily is a marble with an oily lustre.



Alternative forms

* oyly (obsolete)



  • Relating to oil.
  • Smeared with or containing oil.
  • (figuratively) Excessively friendly or polite so as to sound insincere.
  • Derived terms

    * smell of an oily rag



  • A marble with an oily lustre.
  • * 1998 , Joanna Cole, Stephanie Calmenson, Michael Street, Marbles: 101 ways to play
  • Lustered (also called lusters, rainbows, oilies , and pearls)
  • * 2001 , Paul Webley, The economic psychology of everyday life (page 39)
  • But marbles are not only used to play games: they are also traded. In this market, the value of the different kinds of marbles (oilies , emperors, etc.) is determined by local supply and demand and not by the price of the marbles
  • oilskins (waterproof garment)
  • nonoily




  • Not oily.