Hauteur vs Presumption – What’s the difference?

Hauteur vs Presumption - What's the difference?
Hauteur is a related term of presumption. As nouns the difference between hauteur and presumption is that hauteur is haughtiness or arrogance; loftiness while presumption is the act of presuming, or something presumed.





  • haughtiness or arrogance; loftiness
  • * 1960 , chapter XII
  • “What’s happened, young Herring?” I think for a moment he was about to draw himself up with hauteur and say he would prefer, if we didn’t mind, not to discuss his private affairs, but when he was half-way up he caught Aunt Dahlia’s eye and returned to position one.
  • * 1992, , Penguin Books, paperback edition, page 31
  • […] as, indeed, a new subject presented itself now, “Here’s our turn!” braking the Toyota and turning the wheel sharply without having had time to signal so, close behind them, an angered motorist sounded his horn, but The Senator took no heed: not out of arrogance or hauteur but, simply, because he took no heed.




    (en noun )

  • the act of presuming, or something presumed
  • * De Quincey
  • in contradiction to these very plausible presumptions
  • the belief of something based upon reasonable evidence, or upon something known to be true
  • The presumption is that an event has taken place.
  • the condition upon which something is presumed
  • (dated) arrogant behaviour; the act of venturing beyond due bounds of reverence or respect
  • * Shakespeare
  • Thy son I killed for his presumption .
  • * Dryden
  • I had the presumption to dedicate to you a very unfinished piece.


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