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Freaks vs Freaky – What’s the difference?

Freaks vs Freaky - What's the difference?
As a noun freaks is .
As a verb freaks is (freak).

As an adjective freaky is resembling a freak.





  • .
  • * , chapter=5
  • , title= Mr. Pratt’s Patients
    , passage=When you’re well enough off so’s you don’t have to fret about anything but your heft or your diseases you begin to get queer, I suppose. And the queerer the cure for those ailings the bigger the attraction. A place like the Right Livers’ Rest was bound to draw freaks , same as molasses draws flies.}}



  • (freak)
  • Anagrams






  • resembling a freak
  • (slang) odd; bizarre; unusual
  • I’ve heard the props and costumes in this play are quite freaky .
  • (slang) scary; frightening
  • Have you met the freaky new guy who moved in next door?
  • (slang) sexually deviant
  • The things she asked me to do were too freaky for me.

    Derived terms

    * get freaky

    See also

    * get one’s freak on