Flabaghast vs Flabagast – What’s the difference?

Flabaghast vs Flabagast - What's the difference?
Flabaghast is an alternative form of flabagast. As verbs the difference between flabaghast and flabagast is that flabaghast is while flabagast is {{reference-book. As a noun flabagast is (archaic).




(en verb )

  • flabagast


    Alternative forms

    * flabaghast
    * flabbergast
    * flabagasted


    (en noun )

  • (archaic)
  • Verb

  • {{reference-book
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  • To shock, upset, confound or surprise
  • * 1834. Seba Smith, Charles Augustus Davis, John Clarke. The life of Andrew Jackson . T. K. Greenbank. page 193.
  • They flabagast good manners and good morals, and only show that one of the parties is vex’d and disappinted.
  • * 1897. F. Anstey. Baboo Hurry Bungsho Jabberjee, B.A . D. Appleton and Company. page 168.
  • At this I was rendered completely flabaghast —for, although the allegation was undeniably correct, I had confidently hoped that my friend Ram was unaware of the fact, or would at least have the ordinary mother – wit to refrain from blurting it out!
  • * 1989. T’best Ekeagwu. The Taste of Ordinary Life: The Legacy for Every Negro Youth”. ”Social Science .
  • For I had talent: the promise and the drive to acquire advanced knowledge and skill to enundate or flabagast my superiors and excell in my profession.
  • * 2004. ” What Are Bush’s Strengths“. ClutchFans.com.
  • The people who keep heaping praises on him flabagast me even more.

    Alternative forms

    * flabaghast


    * 2005. Jonathan Green. Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang . Sterling Publishing Company. page 511.