Exchange rates table for Bitcoin

The table below shows the exchange rates for Bitcoin. In the column «Chart and Table» there are two quick links to the exchange rates graph and the history in the form of a table.

Major Europe Asia North America Africa South America All Currencies
From To Exchange Rate (24h) Chart and Historical Conversions
BTC australian dollarAustralian Dollar 102,449.335 ▾-1.147% Convert BTC to AUD
BTC brazilian realBrazilian Real 342,152.316 ▾-0.975% Convert BTC to BRL
BTC canadian dollarCanadian Dollar 90,758.490 ▾-0.927% Convert BTC to CAD
BTC chinese renminbiChinese Renminbi 480,778.419 ▾-0.737% Convert BTC to CNY
BTC danish kroneDanish Krone 462,880.190 ▾-1.155% Convert BTC to DKK
BTC euroEuro 62,051.605 ▾-1.123% Convert BTC to EUR
BTC pound sterlingPound Sterling 53,387.308 ▾-1.398% Convert BTC to GBP
BTC hong kong dollarHong Kong Dollar 520,006.753 ▾-0.755% Convert BTC to HKD
BTC indian rupeeIndian Rupee 5,526,728.228 ▾-0.884% Convert BTC to INR
BTC japanese yenJapanese Yen 10,273,794.086 ▾-0.758% Convert BTC to JPY
BTC south korean wonSouth Korean Won 91,226,954.489 ▾-1.107% Convert BTC to KRW
BTC mexican pesoMexican Peso 1,129,149.758 ▾-1.469% Convert BTC to MXN
BTC nigerian nairaNigerian Naira 81,855,097.300 ▾-0.876% Convert BTC to NGN
BTC norwegian kroneNorwegian Krone 725,927.036 ▾-1.166% Convert BTC to NOK
BTC new zealand dollarNew Zealand Dollar 111,843.261 ▾-0.959% Convert BTC to NZD
BTC pakistani rupeePakistani Rupee 18,484,586.423 ▾-0.756% Convert BTC to PKR
BTC russian rubleRussian Ruble 6,190,301.322 ▾-0.487% Convert BTC to RUB
BTC singapore dollarSingapore Dollar 90,366.767 ▾-0.775% Convert BTC to SGD
BTC thai bahtThai Baht 2,451,273.157 ▾-1.129% Convert BTC to THB
BTC ukrainian hryvniaUkrainian Hryvnia 2,636,483.072 ▾-0.919% Convert BTC to UAH
BTC united states dollarUnited States Dollar 66,360.030 ▾-0.758% Convert BTC to USD