Ethiopia vs Echage – What’s the difference?

Ethiopia vs Echage - What's the difference?
As a proper noun ethiopia is country in eastern africa official name: federal democratic republic of ethiopia.

As a noun echage is (christianity) the chief official in the monastic system of ethiopia.


Alternative forms

* (archaic)

Proper noun

(en proper noun )

  • Country in Eastern Africa. Official name: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
  • (historical) Sub-Saharan Africa, especially the parts south of Egypt and along and east of the Nile
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    * Addis Ababa
    * Abyssinia
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  • (Christianity) The chief official in the monastic system of Ethiopia.
  • *1972 , Donald Crummey, Priests and Politicians :
  • *:Security in Gondar depended largely on the sanctity of the echage ’s quarter as a place of asylum.
  • *2002 , (Haggai Erlich), The Cross and the River , p. 117:
  • *:The emperor sent an evasive reply and, upon crossing the border, made sure that the echage (the head of Ethiopia’s monastic system) marched on his right.
  • *2009 , (Diarmaid MacCulloch), A History of Christianity , Penguin 2010, p. 281:
  • *:Täklä Haymanot was the first in a series of monks to become a key figure at Court, as the Echage (e?ägé ).