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Dreggy vs Draggy – What’s the difference?

Dreggy vs Draggy - What's the difference?
As adjectives the difference between dreggy and draggy is that dreggy is containing dregs or lees; muddy; foul while draggy is boring; dull.




(en adjective )

  • Containing dregs or lees; muddy; foul.
  • * 1837 June, Horticulture”, ”The American Quarterly Review: March and June 1837 , Volume XXI, page 376,
  • In the third place, I truly esteem those that are pretty much perfumed and well scented, though I do not care that this perfection should be enclosed in a pulp that is extremely hard and full of dreggy matter, as the amadotte, the citron, and the great winter musk pears.
  • * 2005 , Ola West, A Clean Week , page 21,
  • Now, I have been in cleaning about two years and I know one thing, cleaning and catering are the dreggiest jobs to be in.
  • * 2008 , Rob Love, A Ballad of Love and War , iUniverse, page 185,
  • It was now dark and Heath found himself walking into the dreggiest part of town.

    Derived terms

    * dregginess





  • boring; dull.
  • moving or developing very slowly.
  • (slang) tiresome.